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Statement of purpose

The Evangelical Church in Egypt is concerned to actively serve the nation through its schools and, as a part of the whole community, aims to present a College which encourages high moral values and academic merit. At the same time, we seek to build relationships for good citizenship, whilst respecting and accepting others and preparing a new generation.   to  live in a world that is rapidly changing.


(Our Values and Beliefs) Building a balanced personality qualified with positive human values. Caring for the skills and knowledge of the students. Preparing a good citizen who believes in citizenship and accepting others.

(Why We Exist) 

The school offers distinctive education that prepares a unique person and a student who is able to compete internationally in the shape of a uniquely educational leadership and in an atmosphere of social cooperation.

Our school exists to serve students.

All students can be successful learners.

A climate that emphasizes the worth, dignity, and unique attributes of each person is fundamental to teaching and learning.


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